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About Us

Imarat Consultants is a specialist consultancy that has a dedicated field of focus on the Global Halal market. We have anticipated the rapid rise in interest in this field, and we have dedicated ourselves to developing specific expertise in this niche business sector.

We are of the firm opinion that the Halal sector is in the process of becoming one of the most influential market forces in global trade, representing a paradigm shift that defines a new market based on religious belief and practice. Islam represents 25% of the world’s population, and Halal goods and services, on top of this 1.5 billion Muslim population base, have an extensive and proven mainstream market appeal.

We have made it our business to understand the needs and concerns of the Halal consumer; we have recognised the enormous opportunities for manufacturers and traders, as well as service providers. We have studied the trends and drivers in this largely uncharted market arena. We have done our homework.

Through our network of contacts in governments, industry stakeholders, NGO’s and Islamic agencies, Imarat Consultants has built up a unique, dynamically evolving picture of the Halal market globally.

Since 2003, from Kuala Lumpur to Toronto, our consultants have visited Halal industry leaders throughout South East Asia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, UK, South Africa, and North America.

We have held in-depth consultations and discussions with representatives form Governments Ministries handling religious affairs, agriculture, international and domestic trade, entrepreneur development, SME development, health and veterinary services as well as standards development and education.

We have visited and spoken to livestock farmers, owners of slaughterhouses, food manufacturers large and small, packaging companies, importers & exporters, logistics providers, Halal park developers, supply-chain security specialists, retailers and consumers.

We have a network of associated researchers and consultants, event organisers, PR agencies and publishers who have a specific interest in the Halal sector, and we believe that our intelligence network and analytical skills in this field are second to none.

At Imarat Consultants, we offer consulting services to governments, industry stakeholders, service providers and other agencies seeking to increase their competitive advantage in this complex and rapidly changing sector.

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