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Our Expertise

Our collective expertise in the Halal industry covers:

  • Sector-specific research
  • Market intelligence and analysis
  • Marketing and branding strategy development
  • Writing & publishing in print and online
  • Website design
  • Event planning & management
  • Public relations strategy
  • Master plan development
  • Halal hub development programmes & initiatives
  • Poultry & meat-based project development
  • Pharma-based industry development
  • Logistics and Cluster dynamics

Our extensive network within the Halal industry covers governments, industry players, certification agencies, Islamic bodies, media, event organisers and specialist researchers.

This enables Imarat Consultants to assemble the right team for the job, tailor-made to suit our clients needs.

For any government agency, multi-national corporation, SME or Islamic body, success in this rapidly changing and evolving market is dependent upon accurate and effective intelligence that can be effectively translated into project design and implementation.

Prior to any consulting engagement, large or small, we will conduct in-depth discussions with prospective clients to determine their real needs, the most effective course of action and the most appropriate team of consultants.

On receipt of a letter of engagement, prior to signing a contract, we will draw up a concise scope of work, clear deliverables, time frames and fee structures to ensure transparency and clarity for all parties.

Given Imarat Consultants specialists expertise and flexible methodology, we are confident that we can deliver effective results at a competitive price to give our clients an inside track advantage in realising their ambitions within the Halal sector.

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